Training in 2011-12

ROSNF members played a key role in providing social media training this past Rotary year. Here’s a quick recap of some of the highlights.


After the success of the first social media seminars put on by Rotary International in February 2011, three more social media webinars were conducted in 2011/12:

  • A “basic” webinar covering getting started with Facebook and Twitter was held on October 12th and 19th with panelists Simone Carot Collins and Don Griffing. View recording.
  • An “advanced” seminar which looked at other aspects of Facebook not covered in the basic webinar such as events, connecting to a twitter feed, embedding your Facebook page feed into a website, using groups, apps and iframes and using Facebook as your page, as well as using dashboards such as Hootsuite and Tweetdeck to manage and schedule your accounts. Simone Carot Collins was the sole panelist. View recording.

District and Multi District Training

Numerous ROSNF members conducted training in their own districts, assisted other districts, or banded together to provide multidistrict training.

One example of this was the half day Rotary in Western Australia Facebook seminar, which attracted around 150 Rotarians and Rotaractors from the two districts in Western Australia, co-presented by ROSNF board members Simone Carot Collins and Kero O’Shea, repeated a month later outside the metropolitan area to reach an even greater audience.

Read more about the Rotary in WA workshops or view the presentation and hand outs.

International Assembly

Then DGE Melissa Ward gave a presentation on PR and social media at the 2012 International Assembly in San Diego, USA.

This video has been edited for time.


ROSNF Members were very visible at the 2012 Rotary International Convention in Bangkok.

At the International Institute immediately preceding the Convention, Simone Carot Collins gave a keynote address on social media. This was followed by a panel session.

During the Convention itself, Simone Carot Collins and Melissa Ward were panelists for the “Using Social Media to Strengthen Your Club” and “Using Social Media to Focus and Increase Humanitarian Service” break out sessions, and Brian Hall was a panelist for the “Best Practice for Club Websites” break outs, all co-ordinated by RI. Two non-RI social media workshops were organised separately by Melissa Ward (The Shift to Social Media) and Guz Goh.