The ROSNF Rocket

The ROSNF Rocket

Issue 1: July 2012

Message from the Outgoing Chair

Hi Don Higgins here, 2011/12 Chair of ROSNF.

Thanks to Paul Wilson for volunteering to join the ROSNF board and serve as ROSNF Newsletter Editor. I’m looking forward to quarterly newsletters that will help keep members informed and that will also serve as an introduction to ROSNF for those Rotarians and Rotaractors who have not yet joined.

The ROSNF membership now stands at 1300 and continues to grow daily. Rotarians and Rotaractors can register as members at no charge on Once you are a member, you can then join one or more of the ROSNF Groups on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter. The group on Facebook has daily wall posts about the use of social media to support Rotary club projects and fellowship.

If you have suggestions on how to improve ROSNF or would like to volunteer on one of the ROSNF standing committees, please contact the chair or any board member.

Introducing your new ROSNF Board for 2012/13

  1. Philip Merritt Chairman
  2. PDG Guz Goh Vice Chairman
  3. Don Higgins Immediate Past Chair
  4. Simone Collins Secretary
  5. Mel Powell Treasurer
  6. Kero O’Shea Sgt@Arms
  7. PDG Gene Beil Director
  8. Jon Deisher Director
  9. DG Melissa Ward Director
  10. Genevieve Flight Director
  11. Joan MacFarlane Director
  12. Rich Lalley Director
  13. Annamarie Tari Director
  14. Paul Wilson Director
  15. Chad Waldo Director

Message from incoming chair Phillip Merritt

Please join me in welcoming our new board members, Melissa, Rich, Annamaria, and Chad! . I will soon post
some of my objectives for the coming year and would appreciate your feedback and ideas also.I would like to
thank Don for his great service to ROSNF, his wonderful support and his treasured friendship. Welcome

ROSNF: Not just a website

by Simone Carot Collins

We have been surveying our members about our Fellowship, and the main feedback we seem to be getting has been eye-opening: our members, on the whole, don’t really understand what we offer.

We asked for feedback about ROSNF, and received very specific feedback about, including several comments from members saying they couldn’t see any benefit to being a member. What did we offer that wasn’t already available on Facebook or LinkedIn?

Read on for more details

ROSNF in Bangkok

Several ROSNF board members attended the recent RI Convention in Bangkok, including Guz Goh, Genevieve Flight, and Simone Carot Collins. The ROSNF Booth #825 in the House of Friendship was extremely popular, giving the opportunity to meet other members face to face and to purchase a ROSNF “Like” button to wear during the conference.

There were 4 social media workshops run by RI and ROSNF had panel members on 3 of them, plus ROSNF panelists participated in 2 other social media workshops put together by those members. Simone Carot Collins gave a keynote presentation on Social Media at the International Institute immediately preceding the Convention.

Best Practice for setting your Club up on Facebook

Facebook seems always to be in the news these days, for reasons both positive and negative. So you might be wondering: Should Rotary clubs be on Facebook? Definitely, says Mel Powell, treasurer of the Rotarians on Social Networks Fellowship, who is working to organize an e-club based in the Greater San Fernando Valley, California, USA. Here, he explains how Facebook can help clubs connect to the community, and offers advice on getting your club started.

Please click here to read the full article…

Final Thoughts!

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