Rotary Name Badges

 Cliff Dochterman has a chapter in his book, As I was Saying, where he talks about Rotarians and their obsession with ribbons. One of the many highlights is when Cliff explains that a person with seven ribbons can talk to God; and if they have eight ribbons God will answer. Have more than eight ribbons and Frank Devlyn will talk to you because, let’s face it, Frank talks to everyone.

Now it seems a similar mystique and fascination exists with Rotary related name badges, especially outside of the club environment. Discounting the occasional sighting of an Assistant Governor at a regular club meeting (and presuming that he/she is in actuality wearing their name badge), probably the first encounter when a rank and file Rotarian runs across an alien name badger is at the District Assembly. At this event there are all sorts of esoteric titles being bandied around, you are only limited to your imagination as to the scope of the entitlements.
There are Committee Chairs galore; most likely for everything you can find in the Sears/Roebuck catalogue there is a Committee Chair for it somewhere in the world. And, of course, all of these Committee Chairs have a name badge of some sort. Now we say “of some sort” because some of the name badges not only are not from the current Rotary year but are not necessarily from the current decade. There is the philosophy of “you are what you used to be”. So do not be surprised when you meet the Chair of Outhouse Restoration.

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  1. Hi Douglas!
    Excellent piece! Yes in my limited experience so far (only 6 months membership) I have certainly come across a wide range of badges on the lapels. My own members badge came back with the name Paul Mason rather than Paul Wilson (don’t know if they were trying to tell me something!) but it’s all sorted now. Look forward to collecting many more name plates in the coming years. I have to say though, that one tiny little Rotary wheel badge I have , means the world to me and that’s never going to change!

  2. name badges are polite, if you are the only person at a meeting with a name badge, why is everyone else as an ’emanon’
    No name badge, no body!!

  3. In my opinion when any person attends a meeting he represents the group .
    If it is a international organisation we must be proud to have the pin of International identity .
    why to wear a club name badge.
    This is my opinion have your opinion in the matter .


    1. I think name badges are important so you can easily see who you are interacting with. Each club does have its own distinct “flavour” or culture, and it is nice to see just where someone is from, and especially what their name is! When meeting many new people at a larger meeting, it can be difficult to remember everyone’s names – a name badge gives you an instant refresh of who you are speaking with.

  4. name badge gives very fine look and it is easy to identify him as it is difficult to remember the names .i coordinate with the veews of simone carot collins in the matter .


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