Rotary eClub One

Rotary eClub One was chartered January 4, 2002, as Rotary’s first club with operations supported by electronic communications, phone, and Internet.

The mission of Rotary eClub One is to connect, inform, and inspire members and guests who are travel bound, place bound, or schedule bound and prevented from fulfilling traditional attendance requirements.

To assist the mission ,they¬† created “programs” (articles) and a makeup feature that attracts Rotarians from around the globe. They currently have an average of 405 unique visitors per day.

The makeup feature received official recognition Monday, June 14, 2004, when the Council on Legislation 2004 adopted the Rotary eClub One, D5450 proposed enactment to add “To allow attendance credit for a 30-minute interactive club website activity” to the list of makeup venues in the standard Rotary Club Constitution and Bylaws.

Their Facebook Page : Rotary eClub One

Link :!/eclubone?sk=info