ROSNF Chair Chat – Sept. 20, 2011

Today ROSNF has 1,028 members who have registered on It’s exciting to see ROSNF growing steadily.  As we grow, I hope more members will volunteer to help with new programs to further promote fellowship and service.

Last week the ROSNF Global Club Directory Facebook application was launched. As of today there are 27 clubs and 29 members who have chosen to be listed in the directory as part of early adapter program announced on the ROSNF Facebook Group for members. The application allows Rotarians, Rotaractors, and
Interactors who are Facebook members to add their club and themselves as a members. Clubs in the directory include link to club Facebook page, map of nearest city, and link to district Facebook page. Member entries in the directory include Facebook profile picture, name, position in club, preferred language, classification, and service and fellowship interests. Members and visitors can view clubs by country or search for clubs or members on any field such as name, city, classification, or interests key word. You can learn more about the application from the Global Club Directory User
and you can try out the Facebook application here:

Global Club Directory

ROSNF encourages all clubs to create Facebook pages to promote their club
service projects, fundraisers, and events to club members, to district members via district Facebook pages, and to the local community at large on Facebook. More will be coming on this initiative in the weeks ahead.

Don Higgins

ROSNF Chair 2011-2012/p>