ROSNF Chair Chat – October 17, 2011

ROSNF Chair Chat October 17, 2011

One of the ROSNF goals for this Rotary year is to promote the creation of

Rotary club and Rotaract club Facebook pages. I’m pleased to report

several significant steps in support of this goal are underway. First

Rotary International is conducting several Webinars this month on social

networking with the help of ROSNF Charter Chair, Simone Carot Collins. The

next webinar is Wednesday, Oct. 19, 2011 at 7 PM EST. These webinars

encourage the creation of club Facebook pages:

Second, Rotary International has also supported this effort by

publishing the following article about creating club Facebook pages on the

Rotary website:

Finally ROSNF has launched its first Facebook application called ROSNF Global

Club Directory which enables Rotarians and Rotaractors on Facebook to list their

club along with link to their Facebook club page. Early adaptor ROSNF

members have now added 40 clubs in the directory which you can checkout here:

On another topic, this week ROSNF will be announcing candidates for the upcoming election of ROSNF Chair for 2012-2013 Rotary year and a statement by each candidate will be provided. Look for the announcement, and be sure to vote for candidate of your choice.

Don Higgins
ROSNF Chair 2011-2012