ROSNF Chair Chat November 7, 2011

ROSNF Chair Chat November 7, 2011
The first ROSNF election for the ROSNF Chair 2012-2013 is underway with two

candidates. Be sure to read the two statements from the candidates and

cast your vote here:

Vote today before the poll closes on Wednesday, November 9, 2011.
Another RI Webinar on social networking is coming up on November,16, 2011 at

11 AM Central Time (GMT-6):

Simone is helping support this advanced seminar, so sign up now.
Version 1.0.07 of the ROSNF Global Club Directory Facebook application is now

available here:
One new feature is the option to sort clubs selected in descending order by

total club members. Check it out by following these steps:

1. Open the Facebook application:

2. Select the “Search for Clubs” option from drop down menu on first line
3. Select sort by club members from drop down menu to the left of search

clubs button

4. Press enter or click on search clubs button to see the clubs with the most

members and see how many of your club members you need to get to add their

membership to take the lead. It will be good advertising for your club

Facebook page which you can add to your club entry at any time. Get

started today!

Don Higgins
ROSNF Chair 2011-2012