ROSNF Chair Chat – December 26, 2011

ROSNF Chair Chat December 26, 2011
Happy holidays! It will soon be 2012. Congratulation to Philip
Merritt who won the election and will take over as ROSNF Chair on July 1, 2012.
In this last week of 2011, ROSNF members are actively helping Rotary
International compete for free air miles donation. All Rotarians,
Rotaractors, and friends of Rotary are encouraged to vote every day here:
Back on December 18, Rotary was #18 and today we are #3 with 10.4% of the
total votes. All Rotary needs to move into the #2 spot is 13.1%. The
allocation of 10 million air miles will be by percentage so every vote counts.
Rotary can use these air miles to help transport vaccine, supplies, and
volunteers working to eradicate polio and save millions of children from this
disease now and in future generations. Please vote every day through Dec.
31, 2011.
This month both Facebook and ROSNF are releasing new timeline support.
Facebook has a new profile option where each user can define their own timeline
of events. This is scheduled to become the default profile format.
At the same time ROSNF has published its Global Club Directory Facebook
application version 1.0.10 with support for each club to define its own timeline
of service events. In addition, club fellowship, fundraisers, speakers,
district, zone, and RI events can be added. For example, if you go to the
application and select “Search Events”, select event type “RI”, and click
“Search Events”, you will see display of all the RI Conventions starting with
2011 through 2017 including links to Facebook pages where available. Help
update your club’s timeline of service and contribute to the larger district,
zone, and all of Rotary timeline of service which you can view by selecting
“Search Events”, select type “Service Events”, and click “Search”. You can
try this Facebook application here:
Guz Goh, the ROSNF Convention Committee Chair for the RI Bangkok Convention
is busy planning for the ROSNF Booth, annual general meeting, and other ROSNF
activities at the convention. Make plans to visit the ROSNF booth and meet
fellow ROSNF members face to face. You can also buy a ROSNF “Like” button
while they last.
During the next several weeks, the ROSNF Board will be brainstorming on ROSNF
project goals during the next 6 months. If you have suggestions, please
feel free to send them to any board member or post them on one of the ROSNF
social networks.
Happy New Year!
Don Higgins
ROSNF Chair 2011-2012