ROSNF Chair Chat – August 21

Fellow ROSNF members:

ROSNF now has 963 registered members and we still hope to reach 1,000 this month before filing our annual report to Rotary International.

Simone, the chair of the ROSNF Training Committee, is looking for volunteer members to help with 3 upcoming RI Webinars on social networking. If you are interested, join the training committee here:

Mary Kathryn, the chair of the Membership and Fellowship Committee, is looking for ways to promote fellowship among members using social networks. If you would like to get involved and help, join committee here:

Mel Powell , the chair of the ROSNF Public Relations Committee,is planning campaign to promote clubs creating Facebook pages for their clubs. The committee is also looking at setting up online service where members can order buttons like the ones sold at RI Convention booth in New Orleans. If you are interested in helping, join the committee here:

Gus Goh the chair of the ROSNF Convention Committee is preparing for the RI Convention in Bangkok where ROSNF will have booth in the House of Friendship. If you are interested in helping, join the committee here:

Don Higgins, the chair of the Programming & Application Committee, is currently developing the first ROSNF Facebook application called Global Club Directory. If you are interested in volunteering to help with development, documentation, testing, promotion, and/or administration and support of this application, join the committee here:

See the ROSNF Global Club Directory User Guide here:

Don Higgins

ROSNF Chair 2011-2012