The Power of LinkedIn – Why We Should Recommend High Achievers in Rotary

Our Rotary new year has just begun and we’re in the thick of changeover season.  That’s when the Family of Rotary celebrates the past year, welcomes new leadership to office and recognizes the fine efforts of those who’ve gone the extra yard in the past Rotary year.

Our recognition of Rotary achievers is made on the basis of some extraordinary performance by the recipients.  Many of the presentations have been shared on social media, newsletters, websites and elsewhere.   Whilst the images of these presentations tell part of the story, what is often lacking is an explanation of what the recognition is for. The inclusion of a meaningful citation is essential to convey the true meaning of an award. Often that can be achieved within a couple of sentences, but for a major award, more detail is appropriate if others are to understand the relevance of the contribution.

We should also consider the broader opportunities associated with the recognition of fine performance by our members.   Rotary is an organisation of professionals and community leaders, many of whom are in the process of developing or redeveloping careers.  A lot of those members share their abilities and aspirations via social media, with LinkedIn being a very popular option.

LinkedIn provides the opportunity to recommend the skills and abilities of others. One can quickly endorse a listed skill, or provide a brief recommendation.   It’s this opportunity to provide a recommendation that we should use to share the achievements of our members more widely.

By providing a recommendation to a professional member, we achieve two things:

  • By recommending our Rotary achievers publicly, we define the recipient as a skilled and motivated person who gives back to our community.
  • We also help define our Rotary as an organisation that provides opportunities for community service and to develop relevant skills and connections.  A real win-win!

I’ve provided a several recommendations on LinkedIn, most recently for the four Rotarians on Social Networks Fellowship Board members to whom I awarded presidential citations in June 2014.

By providing these recommendations, we strengthen the connections within our own great Rotary network.  That’s really important in a time-poor society where people often have to prioritize the causes they want to commit to.    Think member retention!

Kero O’Shea
Membership Director Rotary District 9465
& Past Chair 2013-14
Rotarians on Social Networks Fellowship

ROSNF Social Media Breakout Success at Sydney Convention

Three ROSNF Board members presented on “Telling Your Story Effectively with Social Media” at the recent Rotary International Convention 2014 in Sydney, Australia.

The two hour breakout session, involving an audience of approximately 300, was held on the final day of the convention.  Feedback from those who attended was very positive.

The ROSNF panelists who presented during the breakout were ROSNF Chair Kero O’Shea, Charter Chair Simone Collins (Moderator) and Director-LinkedIn Kate McKenzie. Topics covered included:

  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Engaging stakeholders
  • Building your audience
  • and much more…..

Check out the slides from the presentation.

Election of PDG Guz Goh as ROSNF Chair-Elect 2014-15

I am delighted to announce that your ROSNF Board has unanimously supported the selection of PDG Guz Goh as your ROSNF Chair-Elect 2014-15, to take office as ROSNF Chair 2015-16. Guz was the sole nominee when nominations for the position closed earlier this month.

As a consequence of Guz’ selection, I have appointed him as a ROSNF Director with immediate effect for the remainder of the current Rotary year.

Congratulations PDG Guz! #ROSNF will be in excellent hands in 2015-16.

Kero O’Shea

Nominations for Chair-Elect re-opened for 72 hours

In his capacity as ROSNF Elections Chair for this cycle, the selection of Chair-Elect for 2014-2015 to serve as ROSNF Chair in the 2015-2016 Rotary Year, Mel Powell reports that the seven-day nominations period has concluded.

One candidate has accepted a nomination to serve. Under Section 2a of our Bylaws pertaining to elections, when there is one candidate, the Board then announces to the Membership the name of that candidate, and that pursuant to the Bylaws we now re-open the nominations for an additional 72 hours.  The list of candidates eligible to be nominated is here: .

The one candidate is PDG Guz Goh.

Kero O’Shea

Email to ROSNF Members re Nominations for Chair-Elect (to serve as Chair 2015-16)

The following email was sent to ROSNF members at 7.30am Aust WST on 8 May 2014:


Dear ROSNF Members,

Our Fellowship’s Bylaws call for the election of a Chair-Elect in May, to serve as Chair beginning the following 1 July 14 months later. Nominations for Chair-Elect will open in 24 hours, and any ROSNF Member may nominate an eligible candidate.

To be eligible for nomination as ROSNF Chair-Elect for 2014-2015, to serve as Chair for 2015-2016, a Rotarian Member of ROSNF must have served one full year on the Board of ROSNF as of 30 June 2014 (it is presumed for purposes of nomination that a current Board Member will complete this Rotary Year as a Board Member), and must have served on the Board no further in the past than three Rotary Years (during 2011-2012 or later). The list of candidates eligible to be nominated is here:

(Mel Powell is eligible but, serving as Elections Chair, may not be nominated.)

If you wish to nominate one of the above eligible candidates, please send an e-mail nominating one person to the nominations email address (it’s in the email sent to members & can also be accessed in our Members-only group).

Nominations will open in 24 hours and remain open for 7 days, after which time no further candidates may be nominated.

The election will be held during the week following the close of nominations. You may read the Bylaws for information on the elections process by visiting the “About” page on the website. Thank you for your participation in this election process, and for your continuing participation in our Rotarians on Social Networks Fellowship.

Kero O’Shea
ROSNF Chair 2013-14

Eligible Candidates: May 2014 Chair-Elect Ballot

Rotarians who are eligible to be nominated as ROSNF Chair Elect are shown below.

Eligibility requires serving at least one full term on the board or having prospective service of one year as at 30 June 2014.

Their term on the board is shown, along with information about which members have already served a term as ROSNF Chair.

* Mary Kathryn Delodder has served on the Board in 2010-13 but is not currently eligible as she is not a Rotarian

Past & Incoming Chairs

Our #ROSNF Pin Store is Open

Pins are available for sale globally

I am delighted to announce the opening of our Rotarians on Social Networks Fellowship in-house online store.

A huge thank-you to our Commercial Director Chad Waldo for his hard work and dedication to delivering this important new service for our Fellowship and members. #greatwork

To buy your pin(s), please go to and order.

Kero O’Shea