Social Network Champions

The Rotarians on Social Networks Fellowship Champion program is assisting clubs, districts and zones to establish social network presences, particularly on Facebook.

The goals of the Social Network Champion program include:

  • Bringing Rotary and Rotaract club members together on Facebook at the local club level in order to get to know each other better and promote fellowship among club members.
  • Bringing Rotary and Rotaract club members together on Facebook at district and zone level to learn more about joint and district projects and events and promote Rotary fellowship and service beyond the local club level.
  • Representing Rotary to prospective Rotary and Rotaract members on Facebook and facilitating prospective members meeting Rotary or Rotaract club members in their home location where they can attend meetings and potentially become members.

Specific Duties of Champions

Before establishing Facebook presences, be it pages, groups or causes, a Champion should plan what the purpose of those presences is and who should be responsible for regularly updating them. Do you want to attract new members to your club? Keep in touch with alumni? Find people to attend your events? If you consider your audience, it will be easier to decide what to post.

You may need to help develop a social media policy for your club, district or zone.

Rotary / Rotaract Club Champion

  • Establish a Facebook page for your club (as a public presence)
    • Facebook groups can be useful for members only, or for keeping in touch with the extended Rotary family: Interactors, Rotaractors, alumni etc
  • Post regular updates to your page about club activities
  • Assist your club members to join and get started with Facebook, including putting them in touch with each other and other Rotary pages, groups and causes on Facebook.

See the list of existing Club Champions

Rotary / Rotaract District Champion

  • Establish Facebook presences for the district and its committees and invite district members and extended family to join
  • Assist with ensuring regular updates are made to these presences
  • Recruit and support Club Champions

See the list of existing District Champions

Rotary Zone Champion

  • Establish a Facebook presence for the Zone – a group may be more appropriate than a page.
  • Assist with ensuring regular updates are made to the group (consider what is relevant at a multi-district level!).
  • Recruit and support District Champions

See the list of existing Zone Champions

Pre-requisites for becoming a Champion

Champions must be:

  • a current member of ROSNF
  • a current member in good standing of a Rotary or Rotaract club within the zone and/or district represented
  • an admin of a Facebook page or group for the club, district, and/or zone represented
  • willing to help other ROSNF Champions create and support other zone, district, and club groups or pages on Facebook

One person can service all 3 roles of Club, District and Zone Champion at once, but the ultimate goal is to have a different person for each zone, district, and club in order for them to have more time to perform their respective duties.

The ROSNF Board will service as final authority in resolving any issues that arise regarding qualifications, conduct, or term of service for all ROSNF Social Network Champions.

To become a Champion, simply check the relevant check boxes in the application form when you join, or update your ROSNF profile to indicate that you would like to participate in this program.

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