Open Source Applications

Our application development team is working on a variety of open-source applications, particularly for use within Facebook.

We also support development of a series of collaborative Google maps to show Rotary and Rotaract club, district and zone locations.

Any ideas for other networking tools are most welcome!

If you have PHP, MySQL and/or FBML skills, we’d love you to join our development efforts.

Club Directory Facebook App

Originally developed by Rotaract Max Plische as separate Rotaract and Rotary Directories, this application lay dormant for 2 years. Max has kindly agreed to ROSNF revitalizing the application.

Development is being led by Afser Ali.

Rotarians on Social Networks Database (ROSND)

This initiative by Don Higgins is currently dormant.

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  1. Thank you so much for accepting me as your newly joined member from the rotary e club of carolinas district 7750 but live and work in Uganda. rotary is my passion but not a matter of being known or communicate to many people around the globe. a PHF Rotarian and always using my vocational for service in the area of changing people’s lives into abetter living through agriculture, education, tourism and the word of Christ, has made me the way i am today. for further understanding me, simply visit the website and click on projects/community and see what the amazing love of God has enabled us to reach all this far.
    Thank you.

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