The following policies have been adopted by the ROSNF Board.

Project Endorsement Policy

ROSNF welcomes all members to post announcements about club or district projects and events on the ROSNF Facebook Page, Facebook ROSNF Group, and the LinkedIn ROSNF group.

ROSNF is happy to provide assistance to members on how to use social networks to promote service projects and events as part of the ROSNF mission to promote Rotary fellowship and service. However, due to the large number of Rotary projects and events around the world, neither ROSNF nor its Board Members can officially endorse or promote specific projects or events other than its own.

Please limit project and event announcement posts to official projects and events approved by your Club or District, and do not create ‘events’ on the ROSNF Facebook Page or Group; the event section is only for ROSNF events such as meet-ups, webinars and other education, or Convention activities.