Member of the Month: May

Our Member of the Month for May 2011 is: Guz Goh.

Guz has volunteered to lead our Public Relations committee, and through that role, Guz arranged the production of and very generously donated our wonderful ROSNF “Like” badges which debuted at the recent RI Convention.

Guz also plays an active role in welcoming new members and keeping an eye out for spammers.

Thank you for your generosity Guz, and your very inspiring messages on our boards!

5 Replies to “Member of the Month: May”

  1. Hey guys!

    Thank you! Wow! didn’t expect this, but I really appreciate it. Like I said before, the greatest reward of service is to see how happy people become because we care enough to do a small act to serve and be a blessing to others. I humbly accept this recognition from all of you and hope it can inspire others to come forward and do more to bring ROSNF to greater heights of service.

    I must mentioned though that our chair Simone and chair elect Don has contributed far more than the little I have done, I take this chance to ask that you also recognize them, the entire ROSNF board and Rotaractor Mitchum Owen who designed ROSNF’s logo – for the great effort they all put in, in bringing ROSNF to where we are today. Kudos to them and we welcome more ROSNarians to join us. Learning from an old saying “more hands make light work”!

    Warmest regards,


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