On the Road to District Governor pt 3

Some of the biggest changes I am attempting to implement are:

1)  Combined DG visits.  It is somewhat impractical to assume every District Governor is going to be able to visit all 40 clubs (in my district) in a two month period to share his/her ideas and goal with.   In an effort to save time, I am hoping to do 10 or so combined events to speak to the membership across our geographic area.

2)  Rely on AG’s alot. Assistant Governors are completely underutilized in my district.  I have asked my AG’s (who I have already selected for 12-13) to visit each of their clubs’ board meetings in July 2012.  This will help us to assess the club’s needs and goals.  It will also help me to address those needs and goals in my multi-club presentations.

The AG’s are also being trained to be experts in a particular aspect of Rotary.  Whether it is foundation, grant applications, youth programs, administration, etc – each AG is becoming a specialist.  This allows the AG’s to rely on each other for information to help support their clubs better.

3)  Transparency – I am removing the veil that seems to hover around the DG.  I am active on the Social Networks, I talk to people about what is going on in the district, solicit opinions from every one and am rather loud. 🙂

4)  Team work:  I dislike the impression that the DG is the final vote is all things related to the district.  The AG’s and Committee Chairs have been, and will continue to be an intricate part of every decision that is made in moving the district forward.

5)  Get to the PE’s now:   The clubs are encouraged to write their club plan in March.  Visiting them in July to share what the district goals are makes no sense at all.  By involving myself with the 2012-2013 presidents now, I have the opportunity to find out what they need, how they see their club’s moving forward and make those the district goals.

Every meeting I go to, I ask two questions, “Are we doing this out of habit, or are we following a rule.”  If it’s out of habit, does it best serve our district, or is there a better way?

I’ve been changing a lot of habits.  I’ve ticked off a number of people.  I’m ok with that.

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  1. Very impressive plan Melissa. I have no doubt you will be able to deliver those changes and who knows, your district may become a model district for implementing major changes required in Rotary. Keep the good work going.Bravo

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