On the Road to District Governor pt 1

It was a Saturday morning, kind of dreary out.  I pulled into the office parking lot, dressed in my suit and a tad nervous, as I had no idea what to expect.  This was the day I was interviewed by the nominating committee for District Governor.

I walked into the office, greeted by the current District Governor and sat in a waiting room for a some time, while the committee got together to discuss what questions I’d be asked.  I presume the chair gave the committee members some direction on how the whole process would work, no one gave me any information at all…. so I sat.

After a while I was called into the room.  I recognized many of the faces seated at the conference table – most of which were friendly.

The interview progressed without much fan fare.  I was asked questions about where I saw the district going, what I believed our priorities were and how I was going to manage my time and my finances should I become DG.  Some members had their “pet programs”, whether it was youth, international, foundation related, etc.  I kept my responses somewhat short but very sincere, and my responses to the personal questions rather curt.  I am a volunteer, how I manage my time and my money is my business.

It’s easy to understand some of the committees concerns, I do not fit the “typical DG profile”.  Being in my mid 40’s, I work full time, I own my own business and I am a divorced, a single mother of two fabulous teenage girls.  Time is somewhat a luxury, but I always seem to manage.  Regardless, when I was nominated by my club, I felt I could meet the commitment – but we’d have to play by some different rules.

When the committee reached its decision, my sitting DG called to congratulate me.  I was a little surprised, but honored none the less.  As I hung up with him, I called the District Trainer, and told him “We start planning now, it’s the only way we’ll survive”.

And so began the journey on the road to District Governor….

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  1. Melissa
    I like it, and look forward to the next installment. It reminds me of when I was president of RC of St. Petersburg West. I had a list of things I want to do and the only way I could survive 52 weeks and make progress was with lots of planning. We held a mine seminar for tomorrows leaders Saturday event for high school students and started an annual golf turnament during my year. I;m confident you will have a great year and look forward to hearing about the challenges and successes.

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