Committees now active

Several committees have been recently (re-)activated, and others will be coming back online shortly.

If you would like to have greater input into the workings of ROSNF, join one or more of our committees, here on or on Facebook:

Communication Committee

This committee will be managing the various communications channels with ROSNF, including our newsletter. We have just commenced work on a communications strategy for ROSNF.

See the Communications Committee group or Facebook group.

Convention Committee

Are you planning on going to the Lisbon Convention? Would you like to help plan ROSNF’s presence and activities at the next Convention, whether you are able to attend or not? Then please join the ROSNF Convention Committee on Facebook or on

Training Committee

Do you provide social media training in your district? Would you like to be involved with social media training? Join the ROSNF Training Committee, now operating via a Facebook group and group.

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