ROSNF Social Media Breakout Success at Sydney Convention

Three ROSNF Board members presented on “Telling Your Story Effectively with Social Media” at the recent Rotary International Convention 2014 in Sydney, Australia.

The two hour breakout session, involving an audience of approximately 300, was held on the final day of the convention.  Feedback from those who attended was very positive.

The ROSNF panelists who presented during the breakout were ROSNF Chair Kero O’Shea, Charter Chair Simone Collins (Moderator) and Director-LinkedIn Kate McKenzie. Topics covered included:

  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Engaging stakeholders
  • Building your audience
  • and much more…..

Check out the slides from the presentation.

Eligible Candidates: May 2014 Chair-Elect Ballot

Rotarians who are eligible to be nominated as ROSNF Chair Elect are shown below.

Eligibility requires serving at least one full term on the board or having prospective service of one year as at 30 June 2014.

Their term on the board is shown, along with information about which members have already served a term as ROSNF Chair.

* Mary Kathryn Delodder has served on the Board in 2010-13 but is not currently eligible as she is not a Rotarian

Past & Incoming Chairs

Our #ROSNF Pin Store is Open

Pins are available for sale globally

I am delighted to announce the opening of our Rotarians on Social Networks Fellowship in-house online store.

A huge thank-you to our Commercial Director Chad Waldo for his hard work and dedication to delivering this important new service for our Fellowship and members. #greatwork

To buy your pin(s), please go to and order.

Kero O’Shea

Outcome of Membership Poll re March 2014 Bylaws Update

Hi Everyone,

Thank you to those who voted in this month’s poll re the change to our Bylaws concerning the election of our Chair-Elect. You have given overwhelming endorsement to the proposal. Our Rotarians on Social Networks Fellowship Bylaws have been amended to reflect your decision.

As a consequence of your decision, we will be calling for nominations for Chair-Elect in May 2014.

Kero O’Shea
ROSNF Chair 2013-14

By-Laws Update March 2014

Dear ROSNF Member,

The ROSNF Board seeks your support for a change to our Bylaws.

We are proposing to change the timing of the election and elevation to office of our Chair-Elect. Our proposal seeks to change the timing so that the Chair-Elect takes office with the rest of the Board on 1 July for that #ROSNF year.

Our current Bylaws provide for the Chair – Elect to be elected in November and serve from then until the following 30 June, before taking office on 1 July. This means the Board has to retain a vacancy for the first five months of the year, just in case the Chair-Elect is not a current Board member. As time goes by and the pool of candidates grows, we are more likely to have a successful candidate who is not on the current Board, which means under the current arrangements that person would join the Board cold in November.

Having the Chair-Elect in place on 1 July will make them much more a part of the planning process for the year before they take office and will give them a stronger grounding for their year as Chair. This change will also match our election practices with the typical leadership track within Rotary, where a Club’s President-Nominee is selected and then becomes President-Elect on 1 July.

Our Bylaws require candidates to complete a qualifying period of 12 months service on the Board within the three (3) Rotary (ROSNF) years preceding the year in which the successful candidate takes office. The proposed changes will retain that requirement. For the purposes of the qualifying period, any new Board member serving on the Board from 1 July in the #ROSNF year in which the election is held will be qualified.

The specific changes to the By Laws that would bring this about are as follows:

1. Under “Election of Chairperson – Section 1. Nominations. Eligibility.” delete all wording in its entirety and replace with the following:

“Any member of ROSNF who will have served least one full calendar year as a Director as of 30 June of the year in which that person would be nominated (to serve as Chair-Elect commencing the following 1 July and Chair a year later) and who has served as a Director within some portion of the previous three Rotary Years is eligible to be nominated as Chair–Elect. (By way of example, to be nominated on or about 15 April 2014, during the 2013-14 Rotary Year to serve as Chair during the 2015-16 Rotary Year, the candidate must have served as a Director during some portion of the 2011-¬2012 Rotary Year or later.) ”

2. Under “Election of Chairperson – Section 2. Nominations. Procedure.”

Delete the opening words “On or about 15 October, but no later than 25 October” and replace with the words “On or about 1 May, but not later than 11 May”

The Board of ROSNF has approved this proposed Amendment to our Bylaws.

Amendments to our Bylaws must then be approved by the Membership of ROSNF. The vote is decided by a simple majority of votes cast. This poll will be open for seven days from 8.00pm on Monday, 17 March 2014 (Australian WST).

To cast your vote, please go to and sign in. You will see the poll in the right hand sidebar of the home page.

Thank you for taking time to read this.

Yours in ROSNF

Kero O’Shea

New ROSNF Board Roles and Reassignment of Directors

I am pleased to announce the creation of two new roles on the Board of Rotarians on Social Networks Fellowship and the consequent re-assignment of directors.

In order to provide an improved level of service to our LinkedIn community, we have created a dedicated Director – LinkedIn role, which will be filled by Kate McKenzie, who will move from her current role of Director – Twitter. Kate brings to the LinkedIn assignment a passion for Rotary, an appetite for challenge and a formidable skillset. Kate is the author of the new #ROSNF Twitter Guide released recently.

The Director – Twitter role will be filled by our 2012-13 #ROSNF Newsletter Editor Greg Garofolo. Greg’s communication skills, understanding of the Rotary and ROSNF environments and passion for engagement with members will see our Twitter following well served.

Chad Waldo, our 2013-14 ROSNF Newsletter Editor, will take up the new role of Director – Commercial. This new Board role will assume responsibility for the development of our online sales channels in order to provide #ROSNF members with better access to our branded merchandise, include our pins. Chad has very kindly volunteered to utilise his extensive sales and developmental skills to spearhead this new initiative.

I thank Kate, Greg and Chad for taking on these new challenges. They will serve #ROSNF well.

Kero O’Shea

24 February 2014

Release of #ROSNF Twitter Guide 2014

Hi Everyone!

Your #ROSNF Twitter Director Kate McKenzie has written a ROSNF Twitter Guide. This publication was developed to help build better media skills in Rotary and I’m sure you’ll agree Kate has done a superb job. Newsletter Editor Chad Waldo dressed Kate’s content for final release in what is a very user-friendly document. I thank Kate and Chad for their impressive work.

Here’s the download link: ROSNF TWITTER GUIDE version 1

Yours in #ROSNF