By-Laws Update February 2014

Current Rotary International policy requires all fellowships, including ROSNF, to restrict membership to Rotaractors, Rotarians and the partners of Rotarians. To comply with that requirement and ensure the continuing eligibility of members, we may from time to time need to audit our membership records in conjunction with Rotary International.

This proposed amendment to our Bylaws recognizes and incorporates  the eligibility obligation outlined above. The proposed change to our Bylaws will see the following new section inserted :

“Verification of Membership Eligibility

From time to time, for the purpose of verifying that our ROSNF Members are eligible for membership in a Rotary Fellowship under Rotary International rules, the Board of ROSNF may provide to one or more staff members of Rotary International our membership roster, including name and Rotary Club, for the sole purpose of verifying that each ROSNF Member is eligible to be a member of a Rotary Fellowship.”

The Board of ROSNF has approved this proposed Amendment to our Bylaws.

Amendments to our Bylaws must then be approved by the Membership of ROSNF. The vote is decided by a simple majority of votes cast. This poll will be open for seven days from 8.17am 10 February 2014 (Australian WST).